Friday, July 28, 2006

Prototype of “Sound”

Prototype of “Sound”
Created by Beryl and Peon.

The focus question of this learning object:
“How does the amount of water in a glass affect the pitch of sound?”

Tools and resources we have used:
l Macromedia Flash MX and Macromedia Flash Professional 8
l Ulead GIF Animator 5.05
l Microsoft PowerPoint
l Microsoft Clipart Online
l Media sound recording

Difficulties that we have encountered:

1. As we were not familiar with the Macromedia Flash and it was really difficult to use the different functions for the interactivity available with the software, we needed to seek technical help from others indeed. Fortunately, we still manage to perform simple tasks such as some basic drawings, animated images used with GIF Animator and sound recording.
2. We did not have a long glass tube so that the sound produced did not show a great difference in pitch.
3. In the prototype, we have made a big mistake that we put the sound in the wrong order with the different volume of water. We will rectify this later.

Further modification of the prototype will be carried out. Any suggestions from you will be beneficial to our final product. Thanks!

Final version of our story board

Final version of our storyboard
Created by Beryl and Peon.
Please take a look!


After collecting the comments in relation to the both versions from our friends, colleagues and coursemates and students and kids, the final version of our storyboard for our project has been made and based on the following considerations:

Version 1 vs Version 2
More interesting vs Higher educational and experimental value

For the version 1, it is more interesting and most people like this idea, but we find that this LO easily directs viewers to just take it as a musical instrument rather than an scientific experiment.

For the version 2, most people do not pick this version because it is less interesting. But when we asked them what they had learned from this LO, they could articulate it at once.

Therefore, in order to strike the balance between the entertainment, and educational and experimental value of LO, we combine the concepts of the both versions into our final version of our project.

Our prototype is coming very soon!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The storyboard of our final project

We have drafted two versions for the storyboard of our final project. We have not decided which one is better. Please give us suggestion. We treasure your opinions. Thanks!

Version 1

Version 2

These 2 versions are created by Beryl and Peon.