Thursday, June 29, 2006

The preliminary plan for our final project: a learning object

The preliminary plan for our final project: a learning object
Drafted by Beryl & Peon

Theme: Sound

Question: How does the amount of water in a glass affect the pitch of sound?

Subject: General Studies

Textbook: New general studies: Light, sound and electricity. Primary 5, Book 3. Educational Publishing House Ltd. (2004)

Target audience: Primary 5 students

The purpose of the project:
This topic is chosen because it shows the relationship between pitch and vibration of substances. This is an important concept because sound is all around us; in music, in speech, and in nature. Different instruments produce different pitches.

The objective: To conduct an investigation of factors affecting the pitch of sound.

1. Inquiry approach:
With the hands-on learning materials, pupils can learn through activities. Their inquiring and problem-solving skills are also developed and enhanced through these activities.
2. Interactive learning:
Instead of didactic approach, diversified learning activities are used. Pupils can learn the knowledge and skills through interacting with the learning object.

Tool: Flash


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